• PDF: Top 6 Mistakes Most Folks Make When Recovering from Restrictive Diets and Disordered Eating
  • Mini Audio Series for Professional Dieters and Dogma Followers
  • In Depth Self-Analysis Questionnaire: How Deep Are you in?!
"The creation of my free guides were with the intensions to show you how to become your own boss again so you don’t have to rely on any outside source, guru, coach, etc., on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, or why to eat.  Learn how to listen to, trust, and accept your body, to live a quality life of freedom! And in the end how to re-develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and your body."

"Let go of toxic control, in order to regain healthy control."

-Kayla Rose Kotecki, Holistic Nutritionist founder of